Trail Clearing Oldham County

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Oldham County Territory
Sunday, September 17
12 noon
* Meeting point on the ridge line trailer parking of Dinwiddie Lampton’s Brownsboro Farm

LRH Trail Assignments
(1.) Need extra help for the “Connector Trail” (from Youngs Creek entry, next to Dunbar) on the opposite West side of Harrods (Dace Browns property) up the creek to the crossing to the Dunbar/Stewart line – on the opposite side of the creek. Volunteers: ?

(2.) We will need “Trail marking” (from where my crew has weed-eated from the foot of Christy’s, “Goat Trail”- North up the log trail to Young’s red gate) –need marked trail proceeding from the red gate over the “Young property” to the far side to connect with a tractor road to the creek near the Young/Dunbar boundary. Volunteers: ?

(3.) Dace Brown Trails: Scott Kremer has indicated that he will get with Sally – to enter Dace Browns via Barrickman Lane and Jamie Gardiners. Volunteers: ?

(4.) Need extension of the Old “Gardiner Trail” proceeding North along Harrods Creek from its present Terminus – (which extends from the spot where we turn to cross Harrods to hook-up with the “Goat Trail” on Christy Brown’s.) Volunteers: ?

In the “regularly hunted” country:
(1) We need the Buzzard Branch Trail cleared going between Richard Smith and Foster Northrop which commences at the head of Galloway’s pond; and, ends-up at a gate leading into Smith’s soybean field. Suggested leader: Paul (?) John Egan (?)

(2) Need trail cleared from foot of “Spine Trail” on North side of Harrods extending up to where the creek crossing connects with the “White Birch” trail. Suggested leader: Jed Edinger(?)