LRH Handbook

Long Run Hounds has complied this handbook to help members and guest understand what happens before and during a hunt, hunt etiquette, hunt
dress and behavior code of the Long Run Hounds.

The pdf document can be viewed online or printed.

We wish to thank the Hillsboro and Mooreland Hunts for their permission to reproduce, with changes appropriate to the Long Run Hounds, the booklet compiled by them for the same purposes.

Additional Resources

Master of Foxhounds Association of America 

The mission of the MFHA is to set and maintain high sporting standards among our membership, encourage foxhunting, approve and register territories on official maps of fox hunting countries, settle disputes in regard to the same, register eligible foxhounds in a Foxhound Stud Book and improve the breed of Foxhounds. This website was created for educational purposes and to support the Strategic Plan.

Covertside: The Magazine of Mounted Foxhunting

A quarterly magazine from the MFHA (Masters of Foxhounds Association of America) Now available in e-format