Full Cry Day: Crab Orchard Nov. 21

Full Cry Day: Crab Orchard Nov. 21

Yesterday, the members of Long Run Woodford Hounds resumed hunting following the “modern gun deer season break.” The meeting was from Tommy and Jen Whitehouse’s Full Cry Farm. As we cast south from the parking area, we started the hounds over close to Bryant’s fencerow. Nothing seemed of interest to the hounds, so the huntsman picked up the pack and took them over to Gabriel’s cornfield. As quickly as they entered the hounds opened, pushing out two coyotes. However, the pack stayed in the corn making a pair of loops within the field. The final count was five (5) coyotes coming out and being viewed! As they left the corn, the hounds settled on one going eastward towards the Dix River. The quarry knew his advantage and laid a good foil thru the Gabriel’s cattle.

Again the hounds were picked up to continue the day on the other side of the Dix River. The river was up and flowing well therefore some of the younger entry just would not come across. So we tracked downstream from “Laura’s beach” to the Preachersville Road Bridge. Re-uniting the pack on Frith’s, we proceeded across this farm, over east into the 2J’s Farm and across into Spurlin’s. Jumping out of Spurlin’s, the hounds were turned into a strong headwind. Yet, they found favorable scent around a pond on Trevor Clark’s. Pushing along to the west, scent improved and the older hounds opened. Jango took the lead and carried the line under the fence into Frith’s cattle pasture. Then he lead the pack over into David Baker’s cornfield. Breaking out into Baker’s alfalfa field, the coyote was viewed by all field members as he was running in a large arc which would allow him to end up downwind. But the pack was all on and in full cry. Our pilot knew his country well as he was heading for a steep bank back along the Dix River but not crossing as this part of the river was very swift. The hounds pressed hard as he turned up a drain in Frith’s, back across the 2J’s Farm , and again into Spurlin’s. Here our quarry laid his foil using Spurlin’s cattle, so we gathered up the pack and gave them all our hearty praise. Being a few miles up the road, but with all of the hounds, we called for the “party wagon” to be brought up. For them, it was a quiet ride home.

Back at the tailgate party, the weary riders toasted our host’s for an epic run,,,truly a “Full Cry Day at Full Cry Farm.”

Respectfully submitted,

Alf Caldwell