Hunt Report February 6, 2018

In Kentucky having conditions be favorable for foxhunting in the wintertime is always a blessing. Yesterday was certainly one!

We cast the hounds from Paul and Jackie Bickel’s farm.
The conditions seemed ideal for warm air over the cool ground.
The prospects were good because this is breeding season for Coyotes.

The hounds right off seemed to find scent in every drain as they proceeded down the hill toward Jackie’s Branch which runs alongside Webb Road. Right about at Sandy Witten’s bridge the pack opened and went charging down toward Dalton Run. The run seemed like a possible riot because the lead hounds included many of our new entry. However, as they rolled over Dalton Run, thru Larue’s woods, and up past “Four Corners” the deer were being scattered and the lead hounds stayed true to a scent line. Down Ned’s Hill past the kennel grounds, the pack was now getting to be strung out. But, it was a hard straight line and the frontrunner hounds just seemed so steady.

Up over Walkee ridge and down into “Thursday covert”, the hounds finally faulted, as the quarry laid his foil. With the help of Laura Hampton, on another speedy TB, we gathered the eight and half couple. Not a bad count, as we started with eleven. My intention was to find our field members figuring we had run off and lost em. But as usual, the hard charging field members soon were coming over the ridge.

So we cast east toward Sleepy Hollow. The pack, again, picked up a line and a coyote was viewed up on the Ballard Rogers tractor road by Laura. Driving east, our quarry carried the line into the “bomb out woods”, over the Gaddie farm and into Shelby Trails Park. Now the situation changed as the Staff did an excellent job protection the pack as they crossed over Webb Road.

Throughout the hunt, the lead hounds were very tenacious about the line but nothing good was gonna happen in Shelby Trails and we deemed the Hunt would be best served gathering the pack.

Bertie brought the hound trailer to the Shelby Trails stables and we loaded most of the pack for a ride home.

Then, the staff proceeded on the long walk home to gather stragglers. By the time we made the kennels, one and half couple were out but close by. Our infamous “Lampton” decided to stop over with Sarah Parker family for dinner and a nap on her couch before returning to the “bull pen”. What a character!

Respectfully submitted.

Alf Caldwell, MFH